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Infrared Induction Mini Drone For Children And Adults

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Attention: 😀We recommend that the UFO mini drone is suitable for children over 10 years and children under 10 play under the supervision of adults. The UFO drone can fly indoors and outdoors. To make sure the drone is under your control, watch the altitude while playing.

This mini drone has a new infrared sensor technology. It can fly in all directions and react quickly to movement. The drone can think for herself because she notices when to get on and off. Four propellers ensure that it flies stably and keeps the balance in the air.

Unlike other hovercraft that crash when encountering obstacles, this drone recognizes obstacles and flips them around to avoid damage.

Multiple protection:
The drone automatically detects the objects and flies around them.
If the drone falls to the ground or collides with other objects, the engines stop immediately.


  • Material: ABS plastic + Electronic original.
  • Charging time: About 30 minutes.
  • Color: Red/ Blue/ Gold.
  • Size: 11 x 11 x 6cm.
  • Type: Sensing toy.
  • Weight: 300g.
  • Detailed information:

Package Include:

  • 1 Set x Mini Drone Quad Induction Levitation UFO.


😊How do you use?

  • Start: 

         Switch on the power supply and wait until the four indicator lights come on. Throw the drone gently into the air, then it flies by itself and floats slowly in a radius of 360 degrees.

  • Control:

         If you place your hands under them, it will rise; If you place your hands close to your side, it will fly in the opposite direction. When she flies to a certain height, she sinks again.

  • Stop:

        When the drone descends, just catch it and turn it over. The drone then stops immediately.


  • Please recharge the batteries fully before the first flight. And the batteries do not fly completely empty.
  • Keep a distance from people, animals and danger zones when flying.
  • Make sure the drone is off before loading.
  • Please note the altitude of the drone when playing outdoors. If it flies too high, it can lead to disconnections and the drone is no longer controllable.


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