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Super Practical Magnetic Glass Phone Case, Shockproof, Anti-dirty, Anti-scratch


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  • Magnetic: Strong magnetic adsorption technology brings you the new era of mobile phone case. From now on, the installation of the shell is a pleasure. It makes your cellphone stand out in the crowd.
  • Transparent Tempered Glass Back: The back allows clear showing the phone's logo and the original phone design, keeping the phone's natural look, besides, the toughened glass can protect it from falls, scratch, shock and stains.
  • 360 ° Metal Frame Protection: Each hole is designed precisely and cut in place, giving you easy access to all ports, speakers and chargers, and the metal frame is tough enough to avoid the notches and scratches, providing complete protection for your phone.(Attention: There are no tempered glass on the front shell, only on the back.) 
  • Wireless Charging: 2-4mm thick design supports wireless charging and will not affect the signal transmission. The back is made of glass material, so it's not easy to absorb heat when charging, you can use it without worries.