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Adjustable Bike Wrist Mirror, Gifts for Cyclists, Children


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Safety always comes first. Wearing a portable rear mirror on your wrist can enable you to aware of what is behind you.

BROAD VIEW: This rear view mirror can be titled the angle of 30°- 90°, increasing the field of vision. So the rider can completely see the people or vehicles behind him.

ATTACH TO YOUR WRIST FIRMLY: The rear view mirror is like a wristband that clings to your hand. Therefore, it can effectively suppress the jitter and achieve stability in the dynamic visual field.

CONVENIENT MINI BAGS: This wrist band bike mirror has a small package for keys and coins storage, which is really nice for you.

FLEXCIBLE ADUSTABILITY: Elastic fastening belt that can adjust this bicycle mirror to adult or children's wrist.

Try it and Stop turning your head all the time when riding!