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Streak-free, Spot-free and Chemical-free Cleaning Brush

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This gadget is handy and easy to use! It comes with a microfiber and scrubber pad to power through hard water stains & soap scum on tile & shower doors. The built in squeegee will give you that spot and streak free shine. Use outdoors on car windshields, headlights, and more!

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  • It cleans Streak-Free, Spot-Free, Chemical Free Windows, Mirrors, Glass Shower Doors, Tile, Windshields & More!
  • Miracle Microfiber Pad - lets you lift, loosen & lock in dirt & grime & machine washable too!
  • Miracle Scrubber Pad - to power through those hard water stains & soap scum.
  • Built-in Squeegee - for that streak free shine.
  • 360° Swivel Handle - wedge-shaped design allows you to clean everywhere easy and fast!
  • Works on windows, mirrors, glass shower doors, tiles, windshields and more
  • Cleans with just water!