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Space Magnetic Silly Putty Slime, Toys Clay

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It's called AShime Space Magnetic Putty Slime. The reason why we named it with a Space is that you may relate and open up to creativity while you play with it.

Haven't decided what to buy for Xmas? This is what you need! You can knead it, bounce it, bend it, snap it or pop it!  Do whatever you want with it since it is magnetic; it is unusual!

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Main Features:

  • Dimension: approx. 6.3*2.3cm/ 2.48*0.91 inch
  • Inside: a magnetic rubber mud toy
  • Has a magnetism and a strong plasticity
  • Benefits: It can be used for the development of children's intelligence. To enjoy more fun and interest, you can pinch a variety of shapes! It help adult to release stress!
  • It's NON-TOXIC but not suitable for age under 3.